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Sweet Smoke Live (1974)

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A Live that sounds like a studio record, with lots of rythm and melodic changes, very well chained. Sorry, this record is just 37 minutes long, but what for 37 minutes !

First Jam, in the begining lets the feeling of an improvisation, and you may ask yourself if the song was really written.
Guitar soli are really remarkable, with unbelievable texture and rich harmony. You may note that Kaminowitz seems really at ease during all the live. This First Jam gives 19 minutes of a great pleasure, with a magic feeling between the players.

Shadout Mapes is the second song of the disc. There again, you find lots of wealthy melodies, but as the track is shorter than the first one ("only" 11 minutes), there are less harmonies. You may notice that Kaminowitz and Greenberg play with a great commitment.
A strange solo concliudes the song, that sounds again like an improvisation, and then plays the initial theme, flirting with blues and jazz.

Ocean of Fears will expose you a different kind of music, more peacefull, in the style of From Darkness to Light, but Kaminowitz still dominates the music. Dershin reveals its essential presence during the play, and particularly during the soli. Very nice !

To conclude, let's say that Sweet Smoke Live is for Sweet Smoke what Ummagumma is for Pink Floyd : a marvelous record, old but still young. Don't care if you don't like Pink Floyd, you'll like this live anyway !

Sweet Smoke Live is produced by Electrola (EMI).
"Recorded live in Berlin, Musikhochschule, for the benefit of Ananda Marga Yoga Society."

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-- Thibault Ducray