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From Darkness to Light (1973)

From Darkness to Light cover

From Darkness to Light is a very rare record. EMI made a new edition on a CD with reference "Rarities Harvest" 8326802. Each copy has a unique number (I have the # II 0271). It's a very different record than Just a Poke, quite religious, with the arrival of an acoustic guitar which may be responsible of the general sound of the record.

Just an Empty Dream is dominated by an acoustic 12 strings guitar, underlined by a perfect rythm from the electric guitar. This all is accompanied by a melodious voice (take care to the the wonderfull stereo). A solo with the flute, some guitare, piano and saxo solos during rythmic changes, that all makes a "big Sweet" !
The purists will pay attention to the light tremolo on the right during the first piano solo !

I'd rather Burn than Disappear also begins with the 12 strings accoustic guitar, with flute and cymbal. Kaminovitz seems closer. Some kinds of percussions and bass give rythm to the end of the verse. The song is very harmonious. Piano and voices fill in the musical space before a change in rythm well orchestred.
This track is less mysterious than others, but represents a very melodious evolution. It also contains the first crunchy solo of the record.

Kundalini spends a few time in the state of "sounds" before becoming real "music". But the vocal introducton is very beautyfull. This song offers an exhaustive panel of the Sweet Smoke styles.
Then you hear zither, flute, chorus and (yes, yes !) violin. The song offers a more understandable music, followed by a solo of saxophone, on a background of zither and bongo. This comes to a more "jazzy" sound, with great guitar solos. At the end, you discover a dual between voice and wha-wha.
Then again, purists will remark the tremolo on the left.
This song is a prayer.

Believe me my Friends is more close to southern rock style than the usual sweetness of the Sweet (or smokness of the Smoke ?). Rythm is much faster, with less radical changes.
A slower part with acoustic guitar will directly transform you in a folk singer !
We come back the piano and violin, always in pure southern rock style.
The song shows its real value after 2 minutes from the beginning to the end.

Show me the Way to the War is very beautifull, with various rythms and tonalities, from brasses and guitar really psychedelic.
The vocal part is perfect. That's pure Sweet with a new style !
Solos of saxophone, guitar or piano are amazing.

Darkness to Light, new song, new discover, 12 minutes of happiness. Hear that song in the morning (while you're waking up) ! Everything is harmonious, vocals, solos with light stereo delay, flute, arpeggios.
You will sing the song all day long.
Good solos from every intrument.

Complete Just a Poke cover

From Darkness to Light is produced by Electrola (EMI). In France, you may get it at "FNAC" or "Crocodisc" (Paris 5). Otherwise, try http://www.gemm.com. If you find this record, think to other people. Send me a mail (see contact link on the main page) to tell me where you found it.
"We, therefore, humbly dedicate this music at the divine lotus feel of Sri Anandamurtil, Narayan Swami; and R.H.H., who patiently guided our first footsteps on the path of knowledge."

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-- Thibault Ducray